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The email issue
You can use a free email, like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo!'s, but what message do you send to your customers when they see you don't have a private domain?
Would you trust to do business with a company that is not able to have its own domain? That would not invest a mere US$ 20/year to have its own domain?
Probably not. That's why it's so important to send emails using your own trademark, your own domain.
And it's also very cheap to do that. Either use the domain you already own but is parked, or register a new one with us. To use the one you already have, just transfer it to us. To register a new one, see here.
You can have a 150Mb email space, using your domain, for only US$ 50/year. Act now!

Rent an original email
You can use your name or surname with one of our brand domains. It costs only US$ 30/year with a 50Mb mail space, Pop3 and Webmail. Choose one:

Budget SoHo

100Mb, 1Gb bandwidth, Control Panel, full statistics, CGI, Perl, PHP5, 10 email accounts, 10 mailing lists, 3 FTP acc., 5 MySql databases, 10 subdomains, 10 parked domains.
Only US$ 50/year!


Get your domain

Get your domain today paying only US$ 20/year for any .com, .net or .org domain; US$ 15 for .info and .biz domain (see here). And If you just want to transfer a domain to us, we keep it parked here for as long as you want, charging only US$ 10, one-time.
Transfer now.