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Brazilian domains
Fapesp, the domain regulator in Brazil, is now accepting domain registration applications from companies that do not have an office in Brazil. Here are the rules.
:: The company must have a Brazilian company as representative (this can be our company), with powers to represent it before Fapesp.
:: The company must have a record at the service from Fapesp (we can provide the record).
:: One copy of the Power of Attorney document must be sent to Fapesp.
Get a template here.
:: A copy of the representative companies' CNPJ must be sent to Fapesp, along with this information about the foreign company: legal name, full address and phone.
:: Your company must sign a document promising to open a branch in Brazil in the next year.
Get the template here.
:: The payment must be made through the representative in Brazil.

Check if the domain is free
Check here if the domain you want is still available.

What we do
We do a search for the domain and, if it's free for registration, we configure our servers, register the domain, register your company at Fapesp, send the required documents, and park your domain.

We can also forget about the bureaucracy and optionally use our documents. We register in our name, in less than 24h, and send you a doc stating you're the real owner.
The total cost for this service is US$ 100 per brazilian domain, including all costs and taxes. Progressive discounts apply.
For .com, .org and .net domains our price is only US$ 20/year. And US$ 15 for .info and .biz domains.

Get your brazilian or international domain today sending us a email.

Domain at Work
After you register your brazilian (or any other) domain, put it to work. You can keep it parked here with a temporary page showing your company logo and address (free). Or a "This domain is for sale" page (free). You can also redirect the domain to any site (just US$ 20/year); use it only for email (US$ 50/year with 5 x 30Mb mailboxes) or get one of our great hosting packages (see them here).

Budget SoHo

100Mb, 1Gb bandwidth, Control Panel, full statistics, CGI, Perl, PHP5, 10 email accounts, 10 mailing lists, 3 FTP acc., 5 MySql databases, 10 subdomains, 10 parked domains.
Only US$ 50/year!


Transfer and Park

If you want to transfer a domain to us and just keep it parked here, we charge only a one-time US$ 10 fee for that and you'll keep it here as long as you want.
Transfer now.