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We were there
Commercial Internet started in Brazil in 1995, with the first ISPs. We were there.
Our group published the first websites in our region, the third website in our state. And we kept growing our network, studying the Internet, researching how to market and have a good name in this new medium.
We're always learning something knew about our business every day. That's why we're a better hosting than many big names out there.
We keep learning. And we treat our clients as important people, friends with a name, never a number. started as a private hosting, only to host our group's websites. But, since we have fast, secure and stable servers, many clients from our other companies asked to host their websites with us.
Today we are the main hosting company in our region, with a solid reputation for quality and service. We don't want to be one of the biggest. That would turn our clients into numbers and we don't want that.
We're solid enough for you to be sure we'll be here tomorrow and never let you down. We're small enough for you to be sure you'll always be treated as a friend.

Our network
Morena Network started in 1987 with radio Morena FM 98.7, a bold station that broke lots of paradigms and taboos in Brazilian radio. It also is very well known for its support for regional arts and culture.
In 1987 A Regiao newspaper became also part of our group. It's the main newspaper in our region, well known for its independence and investigative journalism.
As part of its cultural projects, Morena FM started Jupara Records in 1995 to record and promote regional musicians.
Later, in 2000, it turned all its cultural projects in a private foundation.
Fundacao Jupara de Cultura e Ecologia is a nonprofit foundation that researches and promotes the regional culture, history and arts.
One of the main projects at Fundacao Jupara is the Jupara Awards, created by Morena FM in 1993, that chooses the best regional artists in 16 categories of music, dance, theater and arts; all voted directly by the public.
The Rede Morena also publishes (a portal specialized in sites about Bahia), (a tourism and leisure guide to our region), London Daily (a guide to London) and many other sites.

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